Having an ‘Around-the-Clock’ Control Room for your Business

It’s no secret that here in South Africa, security is a bit of concern for almost everybody living in our country. There are tons of solutions out there designed to make people and their assets safer but where businesses are concerned, these security needs, as well as the lives and assets under their charge, all require protection and monitoring solutions that are comprehensive, effective and seamless.

An automated control room is thusly a crucial thing for many businesses to have; particularly those that work under risky settings, or place a lot of value in their assets, stock and personnel.

Why? Because having a centralised security system in a South African context keeps you and yours properly secured.

Managing Facility Security

Facility security is essential, and managing it with personnel alone is no simple task. You have a limited number of security staff (if at any), and they can’t be expected to keep their eyes on everything at once; unless of course they can.

How? With a carefully designed control room and correctly placed monitoring equipment that eliminates blind-spots in your security, while giving security personnel a bird’s eye-view of your facility.

Facilitating Immediate Responses

When emergency incidents occur (and they do so without warning), it is important to react to them as quickly as possible. Sometimes this could mean the difference between gains and losses, protection and damage, even life and death.

Without a properly manned control room, you have less chance of noticing, reacting to and arriving on scene of incidences as they occur, which could result in expensive or tragic losses.

Keeping Records of Events

A control room outfitted with the right equipment and software is not just able to capture events as they occur, but can record them for later use. This may be used as evidence, as a means of recording accidents to ensure that they never happen again, or can help identify infractions that took place after hours.

Working with Control Room Software

The most effective control rooms run around the clock without any downtime, but of course, they need to be manned while they are in operation. For many businesses this isn’t always a viable option. For such businesses, control room software such as WINCRAM can assist with managing everything concerned with the control room, with seamless ease.

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