How Technology Systems are Helping Farmers in South Africa

Innovation amidst the fields of technology are making things easier and even safer for farmers in their fields of produce. It doesn’t stop there, because there are benefits for farmers who deal with livestock on a daily basis too. From security systems to personal and asset tracking systems, technology is infiltrating agriculture and livestock farming to streamline and guard the processes that make this industry boom and protect those working in it.

Tracking Systems for Livestock

Tracking systems have been adapted to decrease the risk factors involved with livestock. Thanks to these tracking systems, livestock have more chance of being found or recovered in the event that they go missing or have been stolen.

Additional adaptation to tracking systems are seeing unbelievable benefits like easy animal identification, heat detection for improved conception rates, detection of illness or lameness, early detection of mastitis, calving detection and monitoring the herd by keeping records so that individuals are known and medication is distributed accurately and timeously.

Farmer Safety

As a farmer in South Africa, the risks of farm attacks are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Technology is further aiding farmers through the invention of Farm Security Systems. One such system, designed by the Mami team, allows farmers to keep in touch with their neighbours.

Stopkill™ allows each user to monitor up to fifteen neighbours, including their own house whilst the control factor means that each house is equipped with a neighbour monitor as well as their own monitor. This Farm Community Safety tool can protect up to sixteen houses in an area/block.

Safety in Staying Connected

When it comes to farm-related attacks, the consensus is that if the community could stay connected, the risks could be managed better. That is exactly what a system like this one aims to do - reinforce the idea that there is safety in numbers and create a tangible way to quite literally, help neighbours stay connected to one another.

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