Can Asset Tracking Benefit Your Business?

Personal and asset tracking systems are a staple for many types of businesses, particularly those working with logistics and warehousing. Being able to quantify what stock and assets you have, and being able to determine where they are and where they are going to, is invaluable to many businesses.

They are primarily used for security, the protection of stocks, assets and people; they do, however, have a number of other, highly beneficial functions:

Recovering Lost Assets

Let’s start simple, asset tracking is ideal for locating and recovering lost assets, whether that be through theft, mismanagement or damages. Tracking adds an extra layer of cover, protecting your business from substantial potential losses of this type.

Be they units from your fleet, important equipment or stock meant for customers; knowing where everything is at all times will facilitate a more secure operation.

Value-Added Customer Service<

This advantage applies particularly to those businesses that offer transport or delivery as part of their services. With the right tracking systems in place, ones that give updates on assets in real-time, you will be able to let your clients know exactly where their purchase is, and how long it will take to get to them.

Better Asset Maintenance

Asset maintenance is a concern for any business, and should never be left unattended. However, when assets move, or are consistently used, maintaining them, or even knowing when to do it, can become difficult.

Asset tracking systems allow you to keep tabs on the use, availability and condition of all of your assets, allowing you to put comprehensive maintenance plans in place, and stick to them without interrupting your operations.

Accurate Asset Audits

Proper asset audits are important for knowing how much stock you have, how much more you need, and of course, how much you are paying for it. This requires certain systems to be put in place to keep tabs on their numbers and conditions.

Mistakes in this regard can result in ghost-assets, those that, while not being in your company, are being counted and therefore budgeted for. It is easy to see how this can cost your company a fortune overtime.

The right tracking solution, however, will ensure that all your stock and assets are accurately accounted for.

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