Monitoring Base Stations

A Monitoring base station receives signals from M.A.M.I communicators, displays them on the built-in screen and/or sends to our control room software.

    Below is a list of modules that can be added to a base station:
  • UHF: License free radio transmitter for use up to 6km (extendable by repeater)
  • VHF: High-power 15Watt transmitter for monitoring up to 50km without the need of repeaters
  • GSM / GPRS: Cellular technology allowing monitoring using SMS or data/gprs
  • Telephone : Using available land line telephone network.

Base Station Models


This monitoring base station can take a combination of any of the above

Multi Base Station

This base station is compatible with any one of the above modules

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  • Super fast transmission, less than a 10th of a second!
  • USB Output (FTX)
  • Serial output
  • Multiple receivers in one base station (FTX)
  • Mandatory Alarm acknowledge button (Programmable)
  • User Friendly display messages or raw code
  • Ability to listen to signal quality for diagnosis
  • Dual backup batteries for long autonomy

Support & Downloads


FTX Base station manual2016-10-05 08:06450.51 KB
Smartbase Manual2016-10-05 08:06554.32 KB
Multibase Manual2016-10-05 08:06786.57 KB
VHF / RKF Repeater2016-10-05 08:06482.31 KB
FTX Repeater2016-10-05 08:06526.91 KB

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